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Monday, January 20, 2014, 3:30 AM
Mixed Feeling

I have been having a lot of mixed feeling and I have no courage to talk to anyone.

Everyone have been seeing me as a SUCCESS, OUTGOING, FRIENDLY and Independent girl.

At some point, I really hate how my parent raise me up but at some point, I am thankful how my parent raise me.

Good Point;
I will think really hard when it come to buy expensive stuff
when I travel, I don't need days to pack (I just notice recently..)

Bad Point:
I don't talk or share when I have problem

I admit, I am still running away from problem and when it really came to the very shit end, I face it with regret and this is something that I hope to change this years.

I think my PMS is coming... damnnnnn....

I also have been thinking a lot recently.

Until now, i still have no courage to tell my mum or family that i have actually close my shop at scape. at some point i wonder how they see and feel?

i think i forgot when is the last time i cry infront of my parent or maybe cry to myself.

maybe i lack of security.... maybe~

and ya, i going to Taiwan for almost a month. for work, it kind of excited me and at the same time, i worry.

you know, my biggest worry is about money now, i really have to think thrice when it come to spending money

i think i at risk and at the same time, it kind of scarend me.

i used to think freely the year before. i wonder what have come into me currently.

let end here then. finger cross for me. i have a long day and long world to do and see.

i will share when i in depression mode again


Friday, March 08, 2013, 4:35 PM

Just want to do a random Post regard Friendship.

How close are you and with your friend? will you talk about all the shit things that happen to your daily life.

I (used to) and still do have a best friend who we talk upside down. Ok. maybe i am the one talking upstair down with her. regard to family, friend and customer and she listen and give abit of advice here and there

but then hor.

when she found her new BFF, what will you do? I am not saying that i am against her making new friend but ever since she and her very friend, we start talking very little, or maybe should i say i start not to talk to her alot. Her mood is like the weather, there is sunshine, there is rain. Somehow i think, we are just making use of each and other in work, in life.

when need part timer, she ask me for help
when time to pay for School event, she pay first.

i just think we dont talk as much as before already. the feeling suck.

at sometimes, I fucking hate when her face is damn black. Hello, i dun owe you money hor.

the feeling really suck.

but i know at some point, if i need her help, she is willing to came forward and help me.

I dont know la. i though best friend should listen the shit out of each and other.

Friday, August 31, 2012, 5:37 AM
I Need A Getaway SOON!!!`

I just somehow need to getaway to some place, being pushing my brain to much.

September is going to be a busy month. Alot of Flea/Bazaars caming up and i have been stressing myself too much with MONEY, my ATTITUDE toward work, my LAZINESS. I going to my have my own Shop SOON, but i am so comfort in my Zone that i Didnt want to get out. I have to PUSH MYSELF.

I also have been thinking, after working in Flea and Bazzar for so long, have i been saving money? Looking at my account, i want to faint. espcially after i have to pay for Home Rent, Flea/Bazaar Rent, Bill and all the SHIT. Sometime i wonder where the shit have i been spending on?

I may look like i have been a good life but i having a hard time to survice espcially where your parent dont ever give you support (MONEYSUPPORT)  and being independant, I dont ask for money and i also dont give my parent money often. It kind of STRESS!!~


Seriously? who Like Stress? I know Stress is GOOD But seriously speaking, in my lines, i dont think i can easily trust people. I can act stupid, act blur to have happiness but i have a pair of eyes. I can act blur once, twice, third time, you have lost my trust in you. Lesson learnt FULL STOP.

I remember my Dad told me before, if i am someone who can Study, both my parent will support me all the way. but shit you Dad ( I Sill Love you, Dad) when i really want to study, you see it as me as someone who cant study ;( Why like that!!~

I dont know why am i talking about my past, I guess i have been to Stress up.

ok la, that all for today

Monday, July 23, 2012, 9:34 PM
Dream came true.

More than half a years is gone and i was trying to recall what have i been doing the past months and i notice that Dream and Wishes that i make at the begaining of the years, a few of the them have came true, Like:

1) Travelling

I  get and Manage to travel to quite afew places like Bangkok( I travel like 6 times this years), "JAPAN(Osaka), China (Guangzhou) and caming soon Taiwan In August. Scream!!!~ I remember at the begaining of the year, i plan to travel to Bangkok this year (2012), Taiwan (2013), Japan (2014). i ever write down on a pieces of paper and put at my room wall. So Thank God, i manage to complete all this in a year time.

2) Having my own Shop Open

YaYaYa!!~ It like finally. Once it offical open i will update on blog. It going to contain all my hardwork and i promise i wont lazy around.

Going to Start planning more stuff and hope to make it happening this year. Finger crossed for me ok?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 12:24 AM
Quote of the day and some though :)

Out of sudden just feel like blogging.Maybe i am bored, maybe i am excited about the flight tomorrow. Anyway here is a Quote that i feel like sharing. Theme: Passion. I totally agree with what Donald Trump have say.

Without Passion, You Are Nothing. With Passion You Are Something

~Zann (that ME)

I am currently watch some Tv Show, blogging and do abit of homework for my backpack trip to Taiwan. Another 3 months to go. I hope that i can get everything plan out by end of June. Start doing all the booking of hostel and other ticketing stuff by July and i am ready to fly by August. This is like my offical first Pure backpack trip. Other to bangkok is more for business.

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Monday, May 21, 2012, 1:31 AM
There is no one you should trust??

The title does not mean that i am EMO. It just that i have been thinking abit too much and trying to find the right path in my life, trying got work it the Right Way too. i Dream to do something but sometimes i think basic is enough. I really have to drop this mind set away and work toward it.

Anyway i think i will be back to blogging cause this blog is like the book of my life. I hope one day when i old, by reading this blog. I recall the good and bad things in my life, as least i need a a life ;)

My handsome boy
Chris Wang Yo Sheng
from Taiwan.

Flying to Osaka in 2 days time. I start to feel the excitement already. I will be flying over with my BFF and her family. It going to be shopping shopping shopping and take picture take picture take picture. I am planning to lauch my own collection of postcard and calanders. Finger crossed for me that i will take nice and pretty picture :)

picture from Google
My previous post was regarding 30 hours Famine Camp. I back for the Dry Run.PS: Sorry for my Big Fat Ugly face. its really time for me to lost weight. After my osaka trip okkies?

Dry Run was fun. I saw my ex-ITE School friend. 5-6 years ago? when i was in machperson ITE.

Got to go off now.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 12:15 AM
30hr Famine Camp 2012

I always wanted to joined this camp as a Camp Facilitators since 2 years ago. it either i have no times or i am still in school, so this time round, i decided to go for it. Last saturday was the Camp Facilitators  training and i have alot fun ;)

Social media was one way to highlight this event beside the camp that why i decided to blog about it so more people will know what 30 Hours Famine Camp is all about.

so what is 30 Hours Famine Camp for?

The 30 HOUR FAMINE Camp in Singapore aims to transform the mindset of youth in Singapore towards issues of poverty, and to motivate campers to take action steps towards achieving change.

from 30Hours famine camp facebook

This training was done by Adam Khoo Company, it was great, the trainer was nice, funny and interesting. i kind of learn abit here and there. Not only toward the camper, but also toward hw i face thing in my life. The most important i make alot of new friends.

by the way, we got to starve for the 30 hours(if i am not wrong) to experience how 3nd country are facing
Do you know that, every 8 sec, one child are die from starving?

My life beside flea and my best friend, which we hand out quite abit. nothing else.BORING right?
that another reason why i want to join this camp.

so time to share 2 picture taken at the training.

the 50% of theCamp Facilitators
next training 100% of the Camp Facilitators  will came together


who is he?
he is the guy of my dream <3

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